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Provider Review System

Provider Review System and Policy

Last Updated:  January 1, 2015 sponsors a Provider Review System.  Under this voluntary review system, a User may submit a review of a Provider's services.  The reviewed Provider may, in turn, upon reading the submitted review, choose to do one of the following:

  1. publish the User's review as is, without additional remarks;
  2. publish the User's review as is, but with additional remarks of the Provider's choosing;
  3. withhold the User's review from public inspection (the default choice); or
  4. reject the User's review for cause (see below);

Only those reviews the Provider chooses to publish are made available through the Provider's published profile.  All other reviews (including those rejected for cause, reviews withheld by the Provider from public inspection, and reviews not yet read by the Provider) are not so published.  The Provider may reclassify any review at any time (subject to Terms of Service restrictions), but once read, a review cannot be reclassified as unread.

Edit/Retraction.  Both the reviewing User and reviewed Provider may each edit (or delete) their respective comments and remarks at any time (subject to Terms of Service restrictions and "Password access" limitations described below).  If the reviewing User edits his/her review, the review will again be reclassified as unread to allow the reviewed Provider to read and remark on the changes.  If the reviewing User deletes the review, the review along with any remarks that may have been added by the reviewed Provider will be deleted.

Password access.  When a review is originally submitted, the reviewing User specifies a password which will be required later, should the reviewing User ever decide to amend or delete the review.  If the reviewing User loses or forgets the review's password, the reviewing User may be unable to recover the password and consequently unable to amend or delete the review.  Without the review's password, the reviewing User must either live with his/her review as posted or contact the reviewed Provider to request that the review be withheld from publication.  With the correct password, a submitted review can be amended or deleted if/when/while the review is published but not while the review is in an unpublished status.  Until the review is published or at any time while the review is not published, the reviewing User may not have access to the submitted review.

Reviewer's Photo.  The reviewing User may attach a photo of him/herself to the submitted review.  If the reviewing User wishes, the attached photo may be made available to the reviewed Provider and optionally to the public as well (assuming the reviewed Provider chooses to publish the submitted review).  However, in any event, the reviewing User must not submit and the reviewed Provider must not publish the review if such photo violates the Terms of Service.

Privacy.  The reviewing User might elect to personally identify himself/herself in connection with the submitted review, whether to the reviewed Provider or also to the public.  Subject to Terms of Service restrictions and "Password access" limitations, the reviewing User may also amend those privacy choices when and while the review is published.  In any event, never include any non-public personal information regarding the reviewed Provider, the submitting User or any other party if doing so would be in violation of any applicable law, statute, regulation, ordinance or the Terms of Service, or you do not have the prior express written consent of the identified party.

Responsibility.  Each Provider assumes complete and total responsibility for all reviews that he/she chooses to publish, including, without limitation, the information submitted by the reviewing Users.

Withheld reviews.  To the extent permitted by law and the Terms of Service, the reviewed Provider may withhold any review from publication for any reason or no reason.

Rejection.  If the reviewed Provider believes a submitted review violates the Terms of Service (which includes, without limitation, this policy and our Privacy Policy), the reviewed Provider may tender the review for rejection using the special facility that may be provided by the Web site for that purpose.  While it is possible that a review or reviews so tendered for rejection may subsequently be removed from the system or be edited by for improved compliance, you understand and agree that there is no offer or guarantee that such action will be taken, and you understand and agree that reviews tendered for rejection may be classified as having been withheld from publication at the reviewed Provider's request. assumes no responsibility to involve itself in any dispute and reserves the right to not act on any request for rejection even if a Terms of Service violation or other breach is present.

False, inaccurate or misleading reviews.  Reviews are to be truthful and not misleading.  Providers may add lawful appropriate truthful remarks to their reviews to correct false, inaccurate or misleading statements which might at times be made by some reviewers, as long as the Provider does so in accordance with all other provisions of the Terms of Service.  Providers agree to not submit self-reviews, and if we detect that a Provider has posted a self-review, we reserve the right, at our option, to publicly identify the violation and to take any such other action as may be appropriate in our discretion.

Unlawful Use or Purpose.  You may not use the Provider Review System unlawfully or for any unlawful purpose.

Reporting.  The Provider's profile may report the number of reviews the Provider has received that are currently published (e.g. "3 published") along with a "My Reviews" or other such button to read those reviews.  At the Provider's option, his/her profile may also disclose the total number of reviews received by the Provider, where such total number includes the number of published reviews plus the number of withheld and/or unread reviews received for the Provider.  For example, "3/5 published" can indicate that the Provider has published 3 reviews out of 5 total received, with 2 reviews unpublished (withheld or "unread").

Note: Review statistics may be absent if the Provider is not currently a participant in the Provider Review System or has not yet received a review.

Voluntary.  You are not required to submit Provider reviews.  And if you are a Provider, you can adjust your level of participation in the Provider Review System.

Notification.  Upon submission of a new (or amended) review, an automatic notification may be sent to the reviewed Provider (e.g. to the reviewed Provider's registered e-mail address).

This page is incorporated by reference as part of the Terms of Service.  If you have questions or issues regarding the Terms of Service, please contact us.  Complaints regarding a specific Provider's profile can be filed by clicking on the link found at the bottom of that profile.

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